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Southern Wrestling Alliance


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Find out who's injured in the SWA

1/12/03 - Chris Taylor will make an in-ring return since his injury on January 18th, 2003.
11/17/02 - Sean Armstrong is off the injured list,he made a in-ring return on Nov.16. see News section.Chris Taylor's return is still uncertain the doctors said he is healing very nicely and should be able to return in 2 -2 1/2 weeks.
11/11/02 - Sean is healing very nicely according to doctors and should be back for the Nov.16th show in Niota.Chris out for 3 to 4 more weeks,according to doctors advice.
11/5/02- BLOOD Vs. BLOOD  -Chris Taylor out of action due to broken ribs sustained  in a TLC match on 11/2/02 at the hands of Jason Taylor. Will return when released by doctors.
Sean Armstrong out of action for one week due to minor elbow surgury. On 11/2/02 Sean was struck with a chair in a match hitting his elbow causing bone chips that were removed earlier this week. Should be back for the Nov. 16 show.